Our Process

Our aim is to simplify the building process into clear & logical stages
with you fully engaged throughout the process in creating your new home.

Our process starts with a conversation with you.
This is a free consultation to see if we are the right fit for you.

During this call, we’ll listen to your ideas & give you our professional opinion
We’ll also outline the basic process to deliver your project.

After the call, you’ll receive a tailored roadmap to deliver your project
alongside our fee proposal for the services we can offer to suit your needs.

Our Services

We offer the full range of architectural & interior design services.
Depending on your needs, we can be with you every step of the way from conception to handover, or just a strategic aspect of the process.
We define the full spectrum of our work in the following 5 RIBA work stages.
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Stage 1

Briefing & Preparation

This is often the most crucial stage to ensure the project gets off on the best  possible footing whilst minimising the risks of any unplanned surprises. Our typical fee for this stage starts from £800.
We’ll visit the site to assess its potentials & constraints, and advise you on the design & refurbishment options.
A professionally measured survey provides a set of accurate information for the project team to work from which will reduce errors during construction phase.
The Project Brief will start to crystallise when you gain a better understanding of the opportunities & constraints presented by the project with our advice.
By the end this stage, there will be a range of sketch layout options to help you visualise & decide on the best way forward.
We’ll take your initial brief & develop this to ensure that the requirements are achievable & affordable.
We’ll start by engaging with you to rediscover your dreams & what you aspire to achieve with the project.
Your Needs/
Site Analysis
3D Survey
Project Brief

Stage 2

Concept/ Initial Design

This is when we’ll test the sketch ideas with high level of accuracy based on the Measured Survey developed in Stage 1. Our typical fee for this stage starts from £1,300.
We’ll advise you on the various planning application types & routes to ensure you have the best chance in securing the necessary consents for your aspirations. We have 100% planning success rate based on our experience & robust approach to planning which entails in-depth research on policies, precedents & local context alongside stakeholders’ engagement.
Depending on the complexity of the project, we’ll advise on the need for other consultants. Typically you’ll need a chartered Structural Engineer & Party Wall Surveyor which we’ll source competitive quotes from our network of professionals.
The Concept Design comprises of scaled plans & elevations as developed from your preferred layout option produced in Stage 1.
We use 3D computer modelling as an integral part of our design process which we share with our clients to help them visualise the Concept Design.
We’ll develop a project budget guidance sheet to help you understand the breakdown of the overall project cost.
We’ll provide you with mood boards on relevant materials & finishes for the project to help you visualise your new home. With your input, we’ll steer the development of the design towards the next stage.
Mood Boards
Planning Advice
Concept Design

Stage 3

Developed Design/ Planning

This is when we start to apply external materials & finishes to the Concept Design, and interrogate the buildability of the proposal with demolition drawings & sectional studies. This stage will culminate with a package of drawings & reports for submission to the Local Planning Authority. Our typical fee for this stage starts from £1,500.
Successful planning outcomes rely on more than just legible drawings. There are often requirements for other reports such as Design Access Statement, Heritage Statement, Fire Statement & Flood Risk Assessment which we’ll produce to support the application.
We’ll also complete all the necessary forms required for planning & submit the application on your behalf.
An important part of the planning process is to maintain good communications with the planning officer during their planning determination period which takes around 8 weeks. During this time, we will engage with the officer at appropriate times to ensure the determination period does not extend unnecessarily whilst offering a channel for them to request for minor amendments to the scheme if need be to make the proposal acceptable.
Engaging with your neighbours goes a long way in the life cycle of the project from planning to party wall to construction. Gaining their support is often crucial in planning terms, and we’ll guide you in discussing the design proposals with your neighbours.
We’ll develop a set of existing and proposed floor plans, sections & elevations formatted specifically for planning purposes to ensure a smoother planning process.
Proposed Drawings
Neighbour Consultation
Submit Application

Stage 4

Technical/ Interior Design

Whilst the planning application is being determined, we will start to discuss with you the internal materials & finishes of your new home in preparation for the construction detailing of the project. A Structural Engineer will usually be involved at this stage to provide the structural calculations & design to the scheme. Design coordination will be key during this stage to ensure that both the architectural & structural elements work in perfect harmony. Our typical fee for this stage starts from £3,600.
The coordinated proposal will also include architectural construction details for the walls, floors, roofs, waterproofing, windows, doors, thermal insulation, fire protection & sound proofing. We will also develop the schematic proposals for heating, drainage & electrical layouts to reveal any potential issues which will help minimise risks during construction & enable accurate costing. If requested, we can also develop the finer interior design details for wardrobes/ built-in joinery, kitchen units, appliances integration, bathrooms, sanitaryware selections, tiling/ flooring pattens, wall/ ceiling paneling, any specialist finishes or colour scheme coordination.
A full written Schedule of Works will also be developed for accurate costing during tender & scope change management during construction.
Technical specifications will also be developed alongside the proposed details to ensure that the level of expectations for the proposals is adequately communicated to the building contractors.
We’ll liaise with Building Control prior to construction with the full plans to ensure that the proposals are fully compliant with Building Regulations. This will minimise any potential issues with their inspection of the building works during construction.
Depending on the project, there may be other statutory consents required such as Freeholder’s License to Alter, Party Wall Agreements & Thames Water Build Over Agreement which we’ll also manage on your behalf.
As chartered architects, we’ll be the lead designer of the team which will typically comprise of the Party Wall Surveyor, Structural Engineer & Building Control Inspector. Depending on the project nature, the team can extend to include Mechanical & Electrical Engineer, Quantity Surveyor, Landscape Architect, AV Consultant & Lighting Specialist. As the lead designer, we’ll coordinate & integrate the team’s inputs & requirements seamlessly into the overall proposal.
The mood boards provided in Stage 2 will be developed with greater focus on internal materials & finishes to help you decide on the look and feel of your new home.
Mood Boards
Design Coordination
Proposed Details
Scope of
Building Control
Other Consents

Stage 5

Construction/ Handover

This is when we turn the beautiful spaces that we created with you into a finished product through precise management & effective oversight of the building works. Our typical fee for this stage starts from £4,000.
We’ll administer the Building Contract, provide Health & Safety advice, monitor progress to ensure that the work is carried out in line with our drawings & specifications, and undertake monthly valuations for the works completed on site.
We’ll attend site at regular intervals to monitor the quality & progress of the works, resolve any construction issues that may arise, provide instructions on your behalf where necessary whilst keeping you updated/involved at your most convenient time.
We’ll make a final inspection of the completed works with you to identify any snagging that needs addressing, and make sure they are done to satisfaction. We’ll gather all the necessary paperwork & certificates for compliance with Building Control before releasing the Final Certificate. We’ll normally include a 6/12 months Defects Liability Period within the Building Contract to allow any seasonal defects that may appear and to be rectified before releasing the Contractor’s final payment. During this period, we’ll be available to assist you with any queries or requests you might have.
We’ll review the tender quotes, negotiate with the contractors & make adjustments to the proposals if necessary to meet the budget. If requested, we can also arrange for the Building Contract to be drawn up, administer the contract, manage the project, keep track of cost, and certify payments to the contractor whilst providing Health and Safety advice to ensure your project comply with the latest Construction, Design and Management (CDM) Regulations.
Over the years, we have built up a network of high quality building contractors & tradesmen. We’ll recommend 3-4 contractors best suited for your project to provide you with a comprehensive & competitive quote for the building works.
Recommend Contractors
Review Quotes
Site Inspections


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